Thursday, 23 September 2010

Nailed It

In the real world, catwalk trends aren't that easy to adopt... especially if you're like me and don't have infinite funds or designers queueing out the door to lend you clothes, so if your struggling to find something from this seasons shows that you can introduce into your fashion repertoire, go for the simplest and yet most prominent trend... nails!

All of the designers this season paid particular attention to nails, not just making them uniform but giving them character. Whether your a simple long black talon girl or prefer fun, blinged out nails, theres something for everyone. My fave of them all being at House of Holland with ctfo! (chill the fuck out!) on one hand and nalgo (not a lot going on) on the other! Or if you're a little more creative ala Rihanna slap a face of inspiration on there!!

So go crazy, be trendy and don't break the bank... winner!


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