Friday, 2 April 2010

Hello Houston!

Manchester to Heathrow - Heathrow to Houston... Not as easy as it sounds.

The day started early and the first flight went pretty smoothly; no delay, no turbulence, good times all round. Until we get to Heathrow.

Everyone has travel traditions and mine involves a large coffee (more specifically of the double tall skinny vanilla latte variety) and a tuna sweetcorn sandwich.. not exactly difficult but they cant even get that right.

Luckily I'm pretty resilient so I had a Wagamama instead... crisis averted.

That is until I try and board the plane.

Like a 9 hour flight isn't fun enough a delay is just the icing on the cake. American Airlines have this lovely new rule where they hand search each and every passenger and piece of hand luggage. GOOD TIMES!

I of course am exaggerating and it wasn't half as bad as I'm making out.