Friday, 28 May 2010

Whats the Big Idea: Guiseppe Zannoti

Guiseppe Zannoti's Spring Summer 2010 campaign makes me VERY VERY happy. Theyve been very clever becuase I get to look at lovely shoes without having to deal with the leggy blonde attatched to them AND theres a not bad looking male model that I can look at too! If only it were real life!!


Whats the Big Idea: Techo Jewellery

I love it when technology gets thrown into fashion. Digital Look Books are my life. The newest fashionable technology appears to be an LED touch screen bracelet.

Slightly fashionable looking ( Im sure theyll get prettier), the bracelets designed by Hiromi Kiriki for Sony, has a holographic projector, pull out keyboard and social networking compatability.

Does anyone hear an apple version on its way?


Whats the Big Idea: Fashion controversy gone too far

We all love a bit of controversy in the fashion idustry. Anyone innovative from Chanel to McQeen have all been described as controversial at one point during their careers. Tom Fords ads couldn't be anymore racy!

However, things seem to have gone a little bit too far with the brand "new form" using Hitler in their campigns with the slogan "Change Style- Dont Follow Your Leader". Though the idea may be relevant, the striking image of Hitler will be too difficult for many consumers to see past. Including me.


Whats the big idea: Trend search App

I dont have an Iphone but this would be something that could even work on the internet. If I'm shopping online or in store and I see something I like that is just not right I wish i had something that could tell me where i can get a similar item or an item in the same trend group.

All items in everystore could be linked to the same system and categorized into trends so you can scan the barcode and see on your phone where to go to get something similar or something to match it!

Whats the Big Idea: Georgia May Jagger for Chanel

Chanel's 2010 sees Celebrity daughter, Georgia May Jagger fronting the campaign. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld, he says that jagger is "completely at home in Chanel" and after walking for the brand for many seasons, was the front runner for the shoot.

She looks cool and sophisticated and now a model in her own right rather than just another vacant celebrity child.
Her are some backstage images of the shoot.


Whats the Big Idea: Donald Trump Bedding?

If Im gonna ask Donald Trump for anything its not gonna be hair advice, its not gonna be stle advice and i cant really see myself caring what bed he thinks is best. BUT he feels that this is something really important to him as he has collaborated with Serta Mattresses to create his own line of beds. Really weird.

Dont reckon I would enjoy sleeping on a Donald Trump.


Whats the Big Idea: Canine Castles

Dont like dogs. Dont like little dogs. Dont like big dogs. Hower, doggy accessories entertain me. British bulldogs in waistcoats and chihuahua's in fairy wings etc. So when i saw these mimi mansions I got very excited. Saying that I'd rather live in them than own a dog.


Whats the Big Idea: The new cofee cup

A lot of things spring to mind when you think of Jennifer Aniston. Good hair always, and an amazing body despite being over 40. She puts this down to a good diet, exercise and WATER.

So now she's endorsing water. Its a sad state of affairs when celebrities are having to endorse the thing that come out of our taps but whatever, it works.

Smart water claims to having electrolytes helping to hydrate you quicker than normal water and is supposedly the purest water you can get.

I dont exactly drink a lot of water anyway but if i can look like that, ill drink swamp juice. Good thinking Smart Water. Im in!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

What's the big idea: Facebook Stalking just got weirder

We all do it. Dont kid yourself. Everyone has a little peek at that god awful birthday dress or the random girl whos the cousin of your mates mates new hair do.

BUT if so many people stalk one person does that make them a celebrity? Mari Staiano thinks so and has visited a massive 5000 random peoples facebook stages and saved their profile pictures. Shes then had them printed on white t-shirts and pictures herself wearing them! What a weirdo.

Its creepy and I hope that she doesnt have a picture of me. Please do not let this trend catch on.

Facebook stalking will never be the same again...

What's the big idea: Recyling innovation

As we've seen , the eco trend has gone global. Organic fashion. food skincare, the lot. But it's not enough to put your old veg in the compost, people are doing the weirdest things with recycled products.

In Houston, a man with a taste for beer made use of his discarded beer cans by making a house out of them. No you didnt read that wrong, an actual house. Not exactly practical but at least he kept himself busy.

Recycled money jewellery...


What's the big idea: Tattoos - the new it accessory

LOVE tattoos on men but it's harder for girls to get it right. If i could decided on a place on my body and the right image for longer than a week i might even have got one but.... no such luck. That being said it's becoming a mssive trend to have life long jewellery.

People travel for miles for that one particular tattoo artist. And now they are being mass produced.

Spring/Summer 2010 saw Chanel hand painting each model with their own little Chanel tattoo!
My only hope is that those interlocking C's, thought beautiful on the catwalk, dont appear on the street walking chav. They've ruined enough of the fashion industry!


What's the big idea: Designers as models

Since a designer is as much a part of the brand as the products themselves and the designers are starting to take advantage of that.
It must hard being around stick models, putting them at the forefront of the campaign when theyve done all the hard work... Well mr Alexander Wang has decided that this will be no more and jumped from behind the scenes to infont of the camera.

Be prepared to see many more designers fronting their own campaigns...

What's the big idea: Underground Fashion Rave

Being that I am not a fan of the sweaty and disgustingly unsanitary yet fashionable rave/ festival, it upsets me that I dont get to be involved in the dress up part.

So heres the BIG IDEA. A fashion rave. Taking place in a nicer club or area without the need for tents (woo hoo). Texts will be sent to attendees the day before the event with a place and trend. You then must find an outfit and come and look at all the fashionable people.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Never met a cliche i didnt like...

Here are just a couple of more cliches they i took part in when I went across the pond...









Dont judge me but everyone of these was amazing and you know it!